Fabric + Care


Our Fabrics

Not only did we want to create stylish wardrobe staples, but we also wanted pieces that were low maintenance and easy to care for.  All of our pieces are made with 100% cotton with a wrinkle resistant finish. You can wash them at home--no dry cleaning necessary. 

Often, cotton is spun with polyester thread to give it some wrinkle resistance. We tend to shy away from cotton-poly blends as we've found that pure cotton fabrics generally breathe and feel better than fabrics mixed with synthetic fibers. Our fabrics crease similarly to cotton poly blends, but feel much better against the skin because they're 100% cotton!

All of our fabrics are woven in Turkey and meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for environmental responsibility. 


As much as we love supporting our local dry cleaners, we also love washing machine friendly garments. Luckily, our pieces can be washed at home in warm water with like colors. We recommend hanging them to dry rather than throwing them into the dryer. Tumble drying, although fast and convenient, can cause more shrinkage and be rough on the fabric causing extra wear and tear. We want your clothes to last as long as possible so avoiding the dryer is highly recommended.