Who we are

Jetti is a contemporary womenswear brand that bridges the gap between designer fashion and functional clothing. Using wrinkle resistant technology in our fabrics, our pieces are 100% cotton, machine washable and easy to care for. Simply put, we make high end pieces without the high end maintenance. 

Based in London, Jetti was founded in part, as a response to finding that the majority of easy care clothing was produced for men. We thought, "Why can't women have the same access to fuss-free clothing while still feeling modern and chic?" Ultimately, we created this collection to make women's lives easier.

About our shirts

We stand by the idea of quality over quantity--buying well and buying less. The clothing industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world so it's important that brands as well as consumers are aware of and take steps towards a sustainable future.

We made sure that the fabrics we chose are woven in mills that are green certified and keep a close eye on their supply chain. All of our pieces are produced in a family run factory in the north of Portugal. We chose this particular factory not only because they have a 70+ history of making quality shirts, but because we saw their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They work closely with neighboring recycling organizations that collect and manage their waste materials such as fabric scraps and cutting paper. They also participate in the Green Dot system that helps to recover and recycle packaging waste.